KEYC - Annual Program In Windom Honors Veterans

Annual Program In Windom Honors Veterans

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WINDOM, Minn. -

Saturday is Veterans Day, but on Friday, Windom held a program was held to honor those who've served.

Students, staff, community members and veterans filled the Windom Area High School for the 32nd year of this tradition.

"One year it canceled because of snow, but otherwise, it's been going on for 32 years and we've always had it here at the school, and they treat us very well," Fred Meyer, commander of the Windom American Legion said.

"It's a very excellent program, considering we're a small little town, but we get a lot of cooperation from the community as well as the school," retired Air Force nurse Marilyn Wahl said.

The program's theme was honor, and how the honor we show veterans today can be a part of our lives every day.

"To honor means to hold someone or something in high esteem," guest speaker Jan Turner said. "I offered that one way to honor the veterans, the ones who have gone before, and paid the great price of freedom is by emulating them or copying them."

While the day was for remembering who served, it did not forget those who will one day become veterans too.

"It's always great coming here seeing the veterans of the past and hopefully, coming here to the high school, seeing some of the veterans of the future," Sgt. Ryan Prat said.

--KEYC News 12.