KEYC - VINE Continues Diabetes Prevention Program In Part Of Diabetes A

VINE Continues Diabetes Prevention Program In Part Of Diabetes Awareness Month

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November marks diabetes awareness month and for the last couple of months, VINE has been hosting a free prevention program to help individuals avoid that diagnosis.

Residents with prediabetes are offered a class to talk about ways to improve their health.

Each week, conversations take place to list off ideas in which exercise and eating can lower the chance of getting Type II diabetes.

Participants also track their progress and share their activity throughout the week to others.

Lifestyle coach Katie Cachiaras said "What we do, is we try and introduce and incorporate means of weight loss through increased physical activity and also through healthful diet."

Participant David Lamson said "There's a lot of things that go on that we don't realize. So, I just saw that they were going to have the program here and I decided that I would join."

Organizers encourage everyone to get themselves tested either online or with their doctor, since 90% of American adults who have prediabetes don't know it.

For methods on how to get screened or upcoming class information, you can look online.

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