Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but already some parts of town are beginning to transform into a winter wonderland.

Waking up to a record-tie low of twelve degrees in Mankato may have sent shivers down your spine Friday morning.

"We tied the record for a low temperature of twelve degrees, which was set back in 1960," KEYC meteorologist Tom Clements says. 

But for those at Mount Kato, these below average temps are deemed a success.
"The last couple of days we've gotten lucky with the temperatures," Mount Kato snowmaker Shane Sandmeyer says. 

That's because unlike the past few years, the winter sports facility has already begun making snow.
"We started Monday and we've had good luck each evening. Thursday and today we've been able to go all day," Mount Kato General Manager John Nelson says. 

But it's not just the cool temperatures making it all happen.

"Our snowmakers are some of our hardiest guys out here. They're the ones who seem to do all the hard work," Nelson says. 

A team of eight spent the past week making sure the snow-making process runs as smoothly as possible.

"They pump it to all the guns and fan guns and it sprays it out and blows it into the air. It gets into the air and the cool temperature then freezes it and it falls down as snow," Nelson says. 

Before you know it, it'll be that time of year again. To strap on the gear and hit the slopes

"I know everyone's not happy about it, but we sure are appreciative," Nelson says. 

Nelson says their goal is to open the day after Thanksgiving. But if temperatures remain cool, Mount Kato could open much sooner.