KEYC - JZ Cancer Fund Unveils New Program

JZ Cancer Fund Unveils New Program

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8 months ago, the Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund was created to help those in their battle. Saturday, they unveiled a new program to continue that mission.

A caring box containing brochures, journals and blankets have been created, to be given to more than 1,000 cancer patients across southern Minnesota annually.

The Open Door clinic, Mankato clinic and Mayo health system will be the three primary distributors, giving these items of encouragement out.

This program follows the fund's "Stick A Fork In Cancer" initiative, which had 55 restaurants assist in donating $34,000.

Since the start of the JZ cancer fund, this organization has raised nearly $300,000 and expects the effect of these boxes to be priceless.

Director Tami Paulsen said "The box is really intended to provide support and comfort for patients as well as connect them to resources that can be helpful in their journey."

Cancer survivor Jonathan Zierdt said "Those moments when you're struggling with the symptoms or diagnosis, whatever it might be. You're going to literally and figuratively feel wrapped in the communities love and you'll feel comforted."

The Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund also has apparel available for sale for people to showcase their support.

If you'd like to know more about this organization, you can visit

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