One memorial utilized Veterans Day to raise a huge addition. 

The Martin County Veterans Memorial has been two years in the making and Saturday, they added another piece.

In honor of Veterans Day, a ceremonial flag raising took place for the first time since ground broke for this memorial.

Alongside the huge patriotic symbol, a red granite sculpture represents the bloodshed of our country.

When all is said and done, more than half a million dollars will be put into showcasing a commemorative wall, listing the veterans in Martin County as well as statues, fountains and a helicopter to symbolize the armed forces.

Although all of these features aren't projected to be completed until Memorial Day, this area of dedication as well as the American flag waving high in the sky provided an important focus on the present, Saturday.

Chairman Jim Miller said "We felt as though it was necessary to get a program going or a memorial in Martin County."

Head of Design Chuck Mixson said "We wanted to have a flag that really represented of what was going on. We got a 75–foot flag pole, just to get something large out there so it can be seen easily when people try to find the monument."

Vice Chairman Gary Reutzel said "It's been great, especially come here on Veterans Day. To have this come up, it's nice to see the flag up there."

If you'd like to help donate to the Martin County Veterans Memorial or learn more about the project, you can visit

- KEYC 12