Two men are sentenced to prison time in the 2016 murder of a 22-year-old man in Steele County court.

Monday morning, 25-year-old Cyrus Trevino was sentenced to 32 and a half years in prison. He will get credit for more than a year already served. Two–thirds of that sentence is required to be served in prison.

Later in the day, 38-year-old Gerald Blevins was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison, also with credit for the time he already served.

When given the opportunity to make a statement, all Trevino could say was, "I can't. I can't."

His attorney, Steven Bergeson, said, "He's not in a position where he can bring himself to ask for forgiveness because he simply cannot forgive himself."

Blevins also did not make a statement. His lawyer only asked the judge to follow the plea agreement.

In both cases, the prosecution asked for the maximum sentence, with family members saying the men took more than just a family member away.

"The pain that I'm experiencing is so difficult to express because it's not just my mine, but my entire family's," said the victim's sister, Laura Jurgenson.

Both men took plea deals in September, admitting guilt to the murder of 22-year-old Richard Jurgenson in July of 2016. Jurgenson's body was found on a gravel road near Owatonna.

District Judge Joseph Bueltel upheld the plea deals.

"This is a way to resolve matters and move on from here, knowing that both individuals were held responsible for their involvement in the death of Richard Jurgenson," Bueltel said.

Both men are also required to pay just under $1000 dollars in restitution to Jurgenson's mother for travel expenses.

--KEYC News 12.