The Mankato Police officer who has been cleared in the 2016 death of a Chanhassen man, will not be heading back to the job. 

Chase Tuseth was fatally shot by Mankato police officer Gary Schnorenberg at the Country Inn & Suites on December 31 of 2016.

The Stearns County Attorney's Office reviewed the case and  said the use of deadly force by Schnorenberg was justified.

Schnorenberg was put on one -year administrative leave during which his fellow officers said he experienced intense mental trauma.

Director of Mankato Public Safety Todd Miller said it was awful that Schnorenberg received traumatic brain injury and ultimately lost his career. 

"He has retired under disability as of September 24 because he's unable to do the job as a police officer anymore as a result of those injuries and the assault and it's just a very tragic situation," said Miller. 

Miller said the call they received on December 31 was about a man under the influence of drugs. Schnorenberg was the first one to arrive and things happened very quickly upon his arrival.

"The person was throwing things, breaking things, threw a potted plant just missing the hotel clerk who was afraid for herself and so when the call came in the officers responded as was outlined in the summary of the incident," said Miller.

Miller said Schnorenberg took a disability retirement under the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota and that the city will be involved with the officer's post employment healthcare.

--KEYC News 12