KEYC - LEEP Looking To Raise $100K Before 2018

LEEP Looking To Raise $100K Before 2018

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Mankato -

LEEP is looking to bounce back after what they say has been a trying year for the charity-based organization.
A number of significant charity events were canceled or rescheduled due to weather disruptions.

LEEP, which stands for leisure education for exceptional people, is a non-profit that promotes the quality of life for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities through various educational and recreational activities.

The organization is looking to raise an additional $100,000 before the end of the calendar year.
"We had one get snowed out in February, and with that being rescheduled we just lost the amount of participants we were expecting to be there. With our LEEP Legends event being rescheduled in July we also lost a lot of participants who weren't able to make it. So, it just created a major downfall in our donations," LEEP Executive Director Mandy Hunecke says. 
Social media has recently helped raise awareness to the cause.

Organizations and those who've made contributions are encouraged to share their story and why they feel LEEP is important to the community.

If you're interested in donating visit the LEEP website.