Acne is one of the most common skin problems teens face, Mankato Clinic Pediatrician Catherine Davis said.

"Acne is a normal part of going through adolescence when your hormones rev up and you have increased oil production from your spacious glands, you have increased turn over in your pores and plugging," Davis said.

Teens who are more active and involved in sports are even more prone to acne.

There are a number of ways to treat it, and Davis said it normally takes a combination. A good place to begin is at home with over-the-counter products.

"You can use a benzyl peroxide wash, there's salicylic acid washes, and now that Differin is over the counter, you can use that in combination," Davis said.

She said washes are an easy place to start, and to make sure to moisturize as well.

The rest of the products that can be used are prescriptions.

"Females have more options than males, but usually we can make things better," she said.

Other ways to prevent acne is to watch stress levels and diet.

--KEYC News 12