Fans were taking advantage of the beautiful weather Saturday morning before their Mavericks took on Texas A&M–Commerce.

Hundreds of purple and gold supporters filled the parking lot.

Plenty of food could be seen and of course some pigskin thrown around.

The Maverick Machine stopped by as usual to get everybody pumped up before kickoff.

Gathering before games is a special moment for everyone, but tailgating in Mankato provides an atmosphere in which the fan base strengthens each and every Saturday.

Fan Rod Mitchell said "It's great, the coach will come out every once in a while. The band comes through, everybody gets going, everybody brings food and shares it with one another. We've gotten to know a lot of the parents over the years, obviously I don't have a child that plays. But it has just been great for comradery, all the fans and brings the parents together and begins a sense of family."

- KEYC 12