KEYC - Running Through Lights

Running Through Lights

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The Exclusively Diamonds Dash gave runners a unique experience when running the 5K Sunday night.

Around 300 people participated in the run through Sibley Park in which thousands of Christmas lights lit up throughout their race.

The event serves as a fundraiser for the YMCA as an entry fee is required for families to enjoy this colorful race.

Benefitting youth programs is the main goal of this event, but allowing parents and their kids to experience a rare occasion is a top priority.

YMCA Executive Director John Kind said "It goes towards all the kids programs at the YMCA, the stride, the camp. Swimming lessons, the swim team, after schools adventures, just all kinds of stuff, preschool. It really helps the kids."

Exclusively Diamonds Owner Sarah Person said "It's a really magical run because what happens is, we count down and then all of the sudden when we say go, all of the lights go on in the park. It's the only, what is it, one time a year that this really happens where the public can see it. So, it's pretty exciting."

An estimated $10,000 is raised for this event each and every year.

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