The harvest season for corn and soybeans are wrapping up and Farm Manager Analyst Kent Thiesse said this year's harvest wrapped up rather well.
"Beginning of November we still had a considerable amount of crop left in the field especially corn," said Thiesse. "We were fortunate to have really above normal temperatures and dry conditions for a really good share for the month of November."

Thiesse said the corn yield for the southern Minnesota region was above average. Regional Representative for the Minnesota Corn Growers Dale Busch said farmers were well prepared.

"People were taking corn out of the field at 20-22 percent moisture and therefore drying it some towards the end of the season a lot of the corn was practically ready to go in the bin," said Busch.

The Minnesota Corn Growers are looking to use more corn this year but not for food purposes.

"From the standpoint of the Minnesota Corn Growers, we're working very hard to try and expand the ethanol market along with other uses of corn but if we could get what we call E15 which is a 15 percent ethanol blend into more stations," said Busch.

Busch said they would like to have people burning E15 rather than E10 and that they  could sell a lot more ethanol and use up a lot more corn that way.

There was also an above average yield in corn last year. Thiesse said the yields were probably more uniform this year.