The Madelia Community Hospital and Clinic can now detect breast cancer sooner and more accurately.

That's because its old mammography system was recently replaced with a new Siemens advanced mammography machine.

"So we have the Siemens inspiration prime and what is wonderful about this technology is it has 30% less dose than any other machine on the market," MCHC Radiology manager Melissa Hunt says. 

Apart from its ability to reduce the patient radiation dose levels by up to 30%, the new machine improves the clarity of the images, resulting in fewer unnecessary biopsies.

"We were very thrilled when we decided to take advantage of this technology and be able to bring that closer to home and give that technology to our patients," Hunt says. 

Who also seem to appreciate the new equipment as well.

"Most patients have said that it's a much more comfortable exam and it's keeping things consistent and just the right amount of compression needed for the exam," she says.

But providing the most up–to–date digital mammography in the region has been a community effort.

"We're very thankful our hospital foundation is having a campaign right now to help the hospital cover the expense of the equipment because it is quite high," Hunt says.

With a $212,000 price tag, Hunt says it's well worth it for both her and her patients, because delivering the highest quality patient care will always remain at the top of the list.

"Even in a small community and surrounding communities there's a lot of women in our pool who will have breast cancer and so we want to be able to give them a good exam and detect that cancer early," she says.

If you're interested in making a donation to this cause you can find a link to donate here.