MnDOT says the storm overnight Monday to Tuesday was the most difficult two inches of snowfall they could have had.
The warm pavement from last week's temperatures were hit by a shot of rain before the snow started to fall, sticking to the roads as the temps dropped rapidly.
And to top it off, there was no effective way for the department to pre-treat the roads.
MnDOT Engineer Jed Falgren says, "If we had gone ahead and pretreated last night, the rain that came in would have washed all of that that off, so any pretreatment would have been ineffective.  Really we would've needed to have crews on a roadway almost continuously with a lot more equipment than we would have available."
MnDOT is trying to pry the ice off with plows, but drivers will have to watch out for refreeze.
The chemicals applied will make the roadways wet and any blowing snow will likely stick when combined with falling temps again Tuesday night.
You can find up to date road conditions from MnDOT here.
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