KEYC - North Mankato Sets 2018 Budget

North Mankato Sets 2018 Budget

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With the end of the year in sight...North Mankato has finalized their budget and looking on toward 2018.
North Mankato has been experiencing quite a bit of growth...not only residentially, but also commercially. Ultimately leading to an increase in the tax base, which in turn means increasing the reserves to fund projects. Thanks to preliminary workshops, the public helped set the direction for the city's budget. The city has about $375,000 additional tax revenue projected. The tax rate will remain the same while revenue will be used for additional debt service allocations for 2018 projects.
"For operations the city is going to look at possibly adding a new police officer to the force to help offset some of the workload the officers currently experience and looking at some other capital operations for the parks improvement plans, more money to make park improvements as well as street maintenance," North Mankato Finance Director Kevin McCann said.
Also discussed was the 2018-2022 capital improvement plan...which focuses not only on the Spring Lake swim facility but also some big ticket items.
"We have some safe routes to school grants, putting in sidewalks down in lower North to accommodate Monroe and bridges, schools down there working toward some other street extensions and utility extensions in the industrial park as well as residential areas," McCann added.
The Council will adopt the budget and tax levy at the next council meeting on December 18th. The entire 2018 budget and capital improvement plan are all available on the city's website.

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