KEYC - Spruce Up Winter With Seasonal Planters

Spruce Up Winter With Seasonal Planters

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MANKATO, Minn. -

With the brutal chill we're experiencing, it's nice to have something festive to spruce up the winter days.
A popular holiday décor option every year is a spruce top. In the north of Minnesota and Southern Canada black spruce are harvested under permit and renewable, meaning they will come back again after being cut. Spruce tops are best for outdoors as they will defoliate if inside...but balsam, fraser, white pine and cedar are perfect for indoor use.
"It's fun to have out for Thanksgiving and Christmas but we're planting plants like this in our garden. Red dogwood, white pine, arbor vitae, other things that are cool to use in these are cones, flower skeletons, from your hydrangeas or your sedums so you can even grow part of your own decorations," Sarah Malchow with Drummer's Garden Center said.
As for the container, clay summer pots aren't best, as they can crack when frozen. Sand is the perfect way to secure your decorations...add water and when it freezes it will lock everything into place.

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