Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School student Anna Natrakul is like most seniors – taking the ACT for college admission.

However, unlike most seniors, she received a perfect composite score of 36, a score she said she did not expect.

"I was holding my phone and I looked at the number and I dropped it because I was really surprised," Natrakul said.

She said she took practice tests and the ACT a few times before, proving practice does make perfect.

"I was used to how it was set up, and so once you know what to expect, it's easier," she said.

Practice is not all she credits for her achievement, she says her school's environment encourages everyone to succeed.

"I feel like the students here are very focused and they're very diligent, all the teachers are so excited," she said.

Principal Tim Plath said Anna is one of the school's first students to achieve this score.

"It's a wonderful blessing for all of us, and we certainly appreciate that," Plath said. "We applaud Anna, we applaud her family, and all of her teachers."

--KEYC News 12.