The most common skin disorders in children Mankato Clinic Pediatrician Catherine Davis sees are warts, rashes from viruses, excema, and acne as kids get older.

The treatment of these disorders varies.

"It partly depends on the age of the child," Davis said. "We talk about the options, how uncomfortable we'll be, how much work it is at home, and then we make our decision from there."

However, there are a number of ways to treat or avoid these conditions at home, starting with bath time.

"Bubble baths, although they're fun, they actually can cause problems," she said. "They can dry out the skin, they can give you rashes."

This is because the detergents in the soap, which is why she also recommends to shampoo kids at the end of the bath, instead of the beginning.

Davis also suggested using sensitive skin products, and to make sure to moisturize, especially in the winter months.

If treatment at home doesn't work, then it may be time to take your kids to a doctor.

"If things aren't getting better, someone needs to see either a primary care provider or come over to derm, and we'd be happy to see them."

--KEYC News 12