The First Singing Hills Chorus, a group that brings together people with dementia, had their "Peace, Love & Joy" concert on Saturday, at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel.

 Music Director Kristin Ziemke said the group has grown closer and enhanced their musical skills.

"I would say maybe five or six of our 28 choir members have choral experience, so it's been a really big learning curve for many people to understand what it even means to sing with good sound and with articulation," said Ziemke. "And here we are. I think we’ve made some really good progress."

The chorus consisted of care providers and volunteers as well. Volunteer Singer Jill Evans said the experience was amazing.

"First of all the thing that struck me the most is how incredibly talented our director and accompanist and program director are," said Evans. "Of course singing with folks from all walks of life and also spending time with them socially has been amazing."

Ziemke said the event is beneficial to participants as well as community members.

"This is a purposeful opportunity for them to get out of their home, be social, interact with people that are experiencing the same journey as they are," said Ziemke.

Although there are those with experience, Ziemke said experience is not required to be a part of the choir. 

The group was very proud of their concert and they look forward to starting their spring session, next year on February 1.