Ryan Sjoberg is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and started at KEYC News 12 in December of 2017 before graduating from Minnesota State University-Mankato with a degree in Mass Media and Communication Studies.  His whole life he has been passionate about sports and interacting with people so this job is perfect for him.  As a kid, he played basketball, baseball, and golf.  He has always seen TV as a possibility, but not really a reality until he interned at KEYC News 12 over the course of the summer of 2017.

Ryan looks forward to serving the people of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa for the foreseeable future and can’t wait to meet and interact with all the different people he may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet in Mankato and the surrounding communities.


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Sioux Falls, SD

Alma Mater? 
Minnesota State University-Mankato

What's your favorite part of your job? 
I love to get out on the town and interview different people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

What's your dream story? 
My dream story would have to be a feature story on Aaron Rodgers.  I’m a sports nut and grew up loving the Packers and would love to interview my favorite quarterback of all time.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 
I always wanted to be an anchor on SportsCenter.  I used to watch it 24/7 growing up and my Father always told me “I bet that’s you someday up there.”

What got you interested in news and sports? 
I grew up watching the news and always found it fascinating.  I didn’t really know what all went into the job, however, until I interned at KEYC leading to the job I have currently!

What's your favorite band? 
My favorite band is Blink 182.  All their songs put me in a good mood and remind me of my late friend Joe Lepold.  Long Live Lepold!

What's your favorite season?  
My favorite season is late spring/early summer.  I love the warm weather and enjoy it most when it’s not super humid and there aren’t thumb sized mosquitoes flying around.

What kind of animal would you want to be? 
If I was an animal I would either want to be something that flies or a dog.  Flight would be awesome to achieve and a dog is man’s best friend.

If you had access to a time machine, where and when would you go? 
I would love to travel back to the 1920s in America (Gatsby age).  It was a prosperous time for our nation and a time for fun and excitement for the everyday person.