KEYC - How To Prevent Stoves From Becoming A Fire Hazard

How To Prevent Stoves From Becoming A Fire Hazard

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Mankato fire officials are reminding the public that stoves can be a fire hazard if treated improperly.

Safety officials say gas and electric stoves don't take much to catch fire.

Depending on the manufacturer, it could be as easy as turning a knob.

Mankato Public Safety say many of their calls to house fires have resulted from residents stocking flammable items like pizza boxes or pots.

Mankato Public Safety Lieutenant Scott Lebrun said "People have a tendency to use the top of their stove as storage areas or even inside. They'll store Tupperware or extra cooking utensils inside the stove and then they tend to forget about it."

Authorities also encourage parents to keep an eye on children around the kitchen to prevent kids from turning the oven on or playing with combustible items around it.

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