The season of giving continues over at the Minnesota Valley Action Council.

"As long as people keep bringing in cars, I'll continue to be here," MVAC transportation initiative administrator Dan Jones says.

The non–profit agency's 'Wheel Get There' program has helped collect vehicles to sell at a discounted rate to struggling families for roughly twenty years.

"People donate cars to us and then we use those cars to help low–income people get to and from where they need to go, so it works pretty well," Jones says.

Jones says they receive an average of 150 cars each year, with a record of 200 donations.

"Back in October I forecast 172, and we're one more than that now, so we're doing just fine," he says.

With Congress's recent approval of the new tax plan, Jones says it's still too early to tell if it'll affect donations.

"I've had a couple of people donate cars because they feel that it's better for them if they donate now," he says.

Nevertheless, Jones says it's the generosity that continues to drive the program to success.

"When people donate they get a cup that says 'I made someone's life better!' And we have this put on the cup because this is a real thing. It really does make people's lives better," he says.

If you're interested in learning more about the "Wheel Get There" program, you can find more information at MVAC's website.