The Victory Bowl in Mankato is having a Color Pin Bowling event Sunday night, for those looking for fun and extra money. 
During the event, participants will bowl with a regular rack of ten pins, however some of them are painted. If someone hits any of those pins, they could go home with up to $100 in cash. 

Bartender and Counter-worker Christopher Lanz said they have received wonderful feedback in the past,  and enjoy the return of their customers. 
"There's going to be one or two or all four colors at any given time," said Lanz. "Whatever of these colors are in a position on the lane, dictates anywhere from 75 cents as a head pin, or up to a $100 shot or a jackpot shot."
The event starts at 9 p.m. and will continue until around 1 a.m. for  those interested. Lanz said to come out, have fun and be sure to try their burgers.