A stocking program by the Minnesota DNR  has paid off, as the Walleye have grown to the perfect size,  and a lot of people are taking notice.

Corner Bait Sales Representative Travis Roberts said the fish range between 15 and 20 inches. 

"There's a good number of them and the bites been really really good over the past few weeks,"said Roberts. 

Thousands of ice fisherman from throughout the state will venture out to lakes like this, in the hope that they end up with a few good catches.

Veteran Kenneth King was on the lake, utilizing 20 years of experience. 

As he prepared to fish, he had one really important tip for beginners.

"Make sure you dress warm, that's the biggest thing, if you're not warm, you're not comfortable, and you're not going to like ice fishing," said King. 

Trucks and ice houses were spread everywhere, each with multiple holes drilled deep through the ice.

Roberts said people need to be careful on the ice, even with the current thickness of the ice. 

"The ice conditions right now are anywhere from 11 and a half to 13 inches," said Roberts. " They've been driving out on the local lakes for about a week now, still no ice is safe all the time." 

The local bait shop pro said most fisherman looking for Walleye are buying Shiners and Fatheads as bait. Those fishing for Crappies and Bluegills are purchasing Wax Worms and Crappie Minnows.