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Top 12 Stories Of 2017

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2017 saw the end of Vikings Training Camp in Mankato, the city of Madelia recovering from a devastating fire, and even an earthquake.
January 1st
State Police confirm the shooting death of Chace Tuseth, an MSU grad and teacher in the Twin Cities in the early morning hours of December 30th. His death was the result of a late night confrontation with Mankato Police at a local hotel. Multiple drugs were found in Tuseth's system. Prosecutors with Stearns County investigated the shooting, and found that Officer Gary Schnorenberg was justified in his use of lethal force.
January 28th
A botched burglary ends with a teenager dead, and a rural Madelia man facing manslaughter charges.
Three men were trying to break into the home of David Pettersen. When the realized he was inside, they tried to make a getaway, when Pettersen shot into the vehicle, hitting 19-year-old Nicolas Thomas Embertson, who died minutes later.
Pettersen was eventually convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to 90 days in jail.
February 2nd
Blanche Wilson pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, the result of a law enforcement ploy that included faking the death of her ex-husband, and recording the planning process with an undercover officer. Wilson was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Her mother, Linda Bloom, was sentenced to 11 years.
April 25th
Seismic activity registered in Mankato is linked back to an explosion at a nearby quarry operated by Jordan Sands. The shaking earth did damage to multiple homes. A subsequent blast in August launched debris, causing further damage to homes, and Jordan Sands permit was revoked by Mankato Public Safety, and will not be reinstated.
August 8th
The last day of Vikings training camp in Mankato. The team ends their 52 year relationship with the city upon the completion of its new practice facility in Eagan. It's the biggest loss of the year for the area economy, rivaled by earlier retail closings of Sears, Gander Mountain, and Gordmans.
August 24th
Mayo Clinic announces it will shut down its nursing home facility at the Fairmont hospital. The Lutz Wing closed in December. Mayo is also pushing a plan that would relocate inpatient surgery, intensive care and baby delivery services in Albert Lea to its Austin hospital.
August 27th
La Plaza Fiesta re-opens in Madelia, a symbol of the town's recovery after February 2016 fire destroyed most of their downtown. Also re-opening this year were Hope and Faith Floral and Culligan's, and a massive aid package was passed at the Capitol.
September 14th
MSU Opens its Strategic Partnerships office in the Hubbard building, continuing the revitalization of Old Town. Young entrepreneurs have set up shop in the long neglected section of Riverfront Drive, turning an abandoned "Main Street" into the hippest place in southern Minnesota, full of artisan shops, trendy activities, and all the food trucks it can fit.
October 24th
Quad Graphics in Waseca announces it is closing. The printing facility, formerly known as Brown Printing, employed more than 300 workers.
November 9th
Winnebago Police arrest four teenagers for allegedly assaulting another teen at a party back in October. The attack was first reported to school officials three weeks later, with arrests made the following day, but parents at the Blue Earth Area School District were enraged that the alleged attackers played in a state football game, saying bullying was an ongoing issue at the district that the school refuses to address.
November 30th
The bridge on Highway 99 opens, ending a summer long detour east of St. Peter. The first stage of reconstruction Highway 22 ended earlier this fall, which had caused multiple headaches for those traveling between Mankato and Mapleton, not to mention the damage to businesses along the way.
Dec 7th
Al Franken announces that he will resign as Senator of Minnesota. The former comedian turned lawmaker is one of dozens of high-powered men accused of sexual misconduct and harassment throughout the country. Local representative Tony Cornish was also pushed out when a fellow lawmaker and lobbyist claimed he had harassed them back in November.

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