KEYC - North Mankato Tweeks Public Comment Rules

North Mankato Tweeks Public Comment Rules

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North Mankato City Council meetings are getting an overhaul, as the city government tries to find a middle ground that will allow citizens to voice their opinions and the council get their work done.
"We're hopeful this resolve a lot of the questions the public may have had. I think it satisfies the question about the residents ability to address the city council members at their meetings."

Council meetings have grown more heated in recent years, and attempts to limit a few of the more frequent commenters was met with even more anger.

So the city looked to help from the outside.
"It's an idea that was generated at the League of Minnesota Cities workshop that the council held a couple weeks ago. It will allow the regular business of the city and city council to be completed and following that there will be a fifteen minute time for residents to approach the council on various issues they'd like to discuss with the council."

The change will allow those appearing for council business to get that work done in a timely manner, and make sure the council isn't shutting out feedback from its most dedicated citizens.

"It was a middle ground between those who wanted to re-establish two open forums during the city council meetings. Those who favored one. As well as those wondering if it should be held before the business or after the business. Remember, citizens are free to comment during the meeting on any item the council is considering, as has been our practice forever."

-- KEYC News 12.