Comfort boxes, an idea put together by Jonathan Zierdt, are now in place at the Andreas Cancer Center at MCHS Mankato.
A box, a blanket, journal and pen, and a cookbook, and a message from the community around them.

It's tough to receive a cancer diagnosis. This the area's way of letting the person getting it know they're not alone.
"When they meet the nurse afterward, the nurse will go over a wrap up of everything and then present this box, as kind of a little surprise. It's just a really nice way to end a visit with a light, in a rough and dark day," Tracy Culbertson said.

The end result was the product of several fundraising endeavors over the past year, including Stick A Fork In Cancer and Grow Mankato, organized by the Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund.
"One of our missions has been to not only help provide comfort and support, but consistent information about resources that might be available to them and their caregivers that can help them in their journey," Tami Paulsen said.

It can be a difficult one, for sure. But know you've got southern Minnesota along for the ride.
"The opportunity to have a vision finally realized and to have such a purpose achieved. To have a box like this that represents the community's care in the hands of somebody that's receiving a diagnosis of cancer. This is an incredibly comforting gesture on the part of the community to say you're not alone and we care about you," Jonathan Zierdt said.

-- KEYC News 12.