Almost three months ago, a horrific accident dramatically changed one teenager's life. 

October 17, 2017...17–year–old Jules Reed left her home to head back to Nicollet High School, a routine 3–mile drive she had traveled numerous times.

After reaching highway 111, just a half–mile from her home, Reed began to turn left when tragedy struck.

A dump truck collided into Reed's driver's side door, pinning her in a pile of metal that hardly looked like a vehicle.

After an hour, emergency crews finally extricated Jules and airlifted her to HCMC, a level 1 trauma center in Minneapolis.

Inside the ICU, shock filled her mind as she began to understand what lay ahead.

Reed said "Kind of upset and really taken back by what had happened and realizing that this was going to be a really big challenge and a big setback."

Jules suffered an injury to her brain, 2 fractures in her jaw, a torn spleen and 7 broken bones.

Although her condition wasn't life threatening, that night took a toll on both her and her family.

Mother Jenn Magers said "Things were in pretty rough shape, but to know that she was stable was just great. It's probably the longest day of my life."

The road to recovery began quickly, following 2 surgeries, Jules was out of the hospital in just 8 days without any pain.

Even though she was constrained to a wheelchair with a cast up to her thigh, Reed's attitude toward life wasn't shattered in the accident.

Magers said "I don't even know if we were out of the hospital yet and I heard 'when can I have another car and when can I drive again?' She had just an amazing drive to get back to school. I actually had to hold her back from trying to study and just read difficult materials to entertain make sure that her brain was healing. She's more amazing than I had any clue."

Within a month and a half, she not only returned to school but began walking.

Reed still has no feeling in her jaw, but having that sense of normalcy has not only been her biggest motivation, but something she continues to strive for.

Reed said "Get back into a routine. I haven't been to physical therapy yet, but that's my next step where I'm going. It's pretty much just being patient. I'm just ready to recover and get back and be a normal senior and finish this year."

To help with medical costs, Reed and her family have set up a go fund me page with a goal to raise $9,000.

Jules plans to begin physical therapy on Monday to help her walk without a boot.

- KEYC 12