KEYC - Sleepy Eye Man Charged After Infant Dies

Sleepy Eye Man Charged After Infant Dies

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Brown County -

A Sleepy Eye man is charged after a baby dies after being brought to the hospital.

Jose Isabel Rodriguez Limones is charged with 2nd degree murder, first and second degree manslaughter and first degree and fifth degree assault.

A statement from the Brown County Attorney says Rodriguez Limones brought the 11-week-old infant to Sleepy Eye Medical Center in the early morning hours of January 2nd, and told staff the baby was suffering tremors.

The baby was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis; staff there noticed signs of severe brain injury, which prompted them to call Sleepy Eye police.

Authorities placed the child on 72-hour protective hold, and were in the process of petitioning the court to terminate parental rights when the infant died on Sunday, January 7th.

The statement says Rodriguez Limones was living with the baby’s mother, and that the couple had moved to Sleepy Eye from Missouri about six months ago.

Rodriguez Limones is due in court on Tuesday, January 9th.

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