KEYC - Winter Car Washes Prevent Salt Corrosion

Winter Car Washes Prevent Salt Corrosion

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Many people took advantage of Monday's warmer temperatures to get a car wash.

Rob Prahm at Snell Auto Wash said he's seen up to 500 cars a day through their car wash the past few days.

A car wash in the winter protects it from rust and corrosion from winter road treatment.

"Initially, you're not going to see a huge difference, other than the car will be clean, but overtime, two or three years down the road, that's when it really pays dividends," Prahm said.

Overtime, corrosion can affect the car's value and can cause issues on parts, make them harder to drive.

One concern is that freezing overnight temperatures will cause the door jams to freeze, but Prahm said this weather prevents it.

"If you park in a garage, it's never a concern because it will thaw overnight," he said. "If you park outside, it's the perfect weather to wash your car because it's going to dry out during the day."

With a few warmer days in the forecast, Prahm expects to see even more lining up for a winter wash to protect their car down the road.

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