KEYC - Date Set for Mankato Public Hearing on Tobacco Purchasing Age

Date Set for Mankato Public Hearing on Tobacco Purchasing Age

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The City of Mankato has set a date for a public hearing on raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21.
Advocates and opponents of amending the city code will have the chance to share their opinions with city council Monday,  February 12.

Those in favor of raising the minimum purchasing age from 18 to 21 say the three–year difference is enough for young adults to make a responsible decision.
 "When these kids are 21, I hope they can understand the long–term effects of cigarette smoking and realize that it will impact their health," said Nathaniel Graham, who is for the amendment. 
Some small business owners in Mankato would prefer a state–wide change over a local one to prevent revenue loss.
 "All it does is serve to push those tax revenues and those jobs and those business over to the other guys, just a mile or two down the road," said Bruce Keckhafer, owner of Happy Dan's convenience store in Mankato.
If the amendment passes, Mankato will be the 5th Minnesota city to raise the tobacco–purchasing age to 21.

The council says it will implement rules to give all sides a fair opportunity to speak at the hearing.

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