KEYC - Maple River Shares Post Referendum Survey

Maple River Shares Post Referendum Survey

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Mapleton, Minn. -

Following a failed referendum last November, the Maple River School District is hoping the community will join them back at the drawing board.
Voters rejected the levy which sought funding to build a new school in Mapleton that would house all grade levels. The vote had previously failed in 2015 but this time around there was an increase in support, failing by only 54%. The District has now put out an online survey asking for feedback on what's holding voters back from approving the levy.
"When you do an election and you get to the end, you don't have a lot of information except for percent yes and percent no. We have a story to tell, our school district has a story to tell and we need information from our community on what that story is," Superintendent Dan Anderson said. 
The Survey will be open online until January 18th. The district hopes to receive a lot of data, which will help them decide their next steps. Follow this link, to access the survey

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