An expected snow storm on Wednesday night running into Thursday morning, has raised some concerns for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. 

Highway Maintenance Supervisor Tony DeSantiago said they lace their salt with Calcium Chloride, so that it can withstand colder conditions. However, the team is concerned that their salt may not be enough for the harsh weather. 

"Also the temperature drop is really going to drop from like midnight, to like 7:00 in the morning," said DeSantiago. "And with that it's going to be hard conditions for us to get that off." 

DeSantiago said they will plow the ice, to be as thin as possible, but he still wants people to drive with caution. 

Although they are preparing for the snow, the department enjoyed the favorable weather that has occurred the past couple of days. They are thankful because it gave them plenty of room to complete other important assignments. 

"We've actually got a crew out doing some patching on some potholes, we've got a crew out doing guard rail repairs, we had a lot of hits on those last storms," said DeSantiago. 

Highway Maintenance worker Mike Slater said the day of snow plowing can be tense with so many things going on.

"When we're out there, there's a lot going on with the blowing snow storm going, vehicles flying by you," said Slater.

Slater asked that people give them room to work. 

"Stay back, give us some room to work, before leaving make sure you check 511 to make sure the roads are in the conditions that they should be before you travel," said Slater. 

DeSantiago said they use a trusted weather app called MDSS, to figure out when they will send out their trucks.

"Well I think right now they're talking that the snow is supposed to start out as traces of rain and so we won't do any like 'pre-anti-icing' because it will just wash away," said DeSantiago. "It'll be like an inch on the ground by 3, 4 in the morning, we'll start looking at crews around 2." 

DeSantiago said people need to exercise road safety as well as patience with his team.