KEYC - Christmas Light Drop Off Now Available

Christmas Light Drop Off Now Available

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With the Holiday season being over, many residents in the area may be trying to get rid of their old or broken holiday lights.

Arrow Ace Hardware is serving as a throw away site for the lights.

If you have holiday lights you no longer want or need, you should not throw them in the garbage.  They should be recycled as they contain copper and plastic that could be repurposed and processed.  It would also take up space at landfills that doesn't need to be taken up.

"Well we have been recycling Christmas lights for quite a few years now.  But it's a wonderful service for our customers.  They can come in and as they notice their incandescent lights or broken strands time to replace them we have bins in all our Arrow Ace stores to recycle them," Arrow Ace Marketing and Advertising Manager Mike Schwertfeger said.

All ten of Arrow Ace Hardware stores have recycling bins for the lights and are all located near the entrance door.

--KEYC News 12