The City of Mankato has partnered with the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts and the City Center Partnership to roll out an update to the city's Arts and Culture Plan.

The first plan was successful in starting the sculpture walking tour and Vetter Stone Amphitheater.

Ten years later, the groups are asking for community input for their next plan.

"We have been engaged in a lot of community conversations, focus groups, talking about issues that are important and relevant to the arts community," Twin Rivers Executive Director Noelle Lawton said.

The first draft will be unveiled January 23 at a community open house.

"We will be talking about what some of the big goals are related to that plan, and we're going to be asking the community for their commitment in really stepping forward to be involved," Lawton said.

The City Center Partnership is involved because the plan fits into their focus on downtown revitalization.

"Arts and culture are key areas of contributing to that downtown vitality and community vitality as a whole," Partnership Executive Director Megan Flanagan said.

The plan provides framework for not just the city and these two groups...

"But also our local artists, our arts organizations, our non–profits and our cultural organizations to come together to continue that growth," Flanagan.

The community open house will be held on Tuesday, January 23 at 5:30pm at the Emy Frentz Arts Guild.

--KEYC News 12