The annual Mankato East, Loyola, Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School vs. Mankato West ski meet was more celebration than competition tonight.

The teams faced off for the 29th annual Wuk Fut event at Mt Kato.

Wuk Fut is Swedish for 'ski fast' and has become the term for the tradition to celebrate the sport of ski racing.

"The coolest part about this tradition is we have alumni coming back. You can tell this means so much to the kids. They come back from years, we have somebody who graduated back in 1990 come back here to ski. It's been a lot of fun. Everyone celebrates ski racing. A high school sport. A lifetime sport," Mankato alpine ski coach Jon Andersen says.  

Mankato West won the duel 296-205.

Jaidan Rollings from West had the fastest time for boys, and Kate Nelson the fastest, also from West.