Following the holiday season, Mankato Public Safety has had numerous reports of people using counterfeit money.

Authorities say the suspects involved have most commonly been using counterfeit $20 dollar bills.

Some of those fake bills read "motion picture use only" as well as copies of bills with redundant serial numbers.

Mankato Public Safety is working with both its patrol and investigation division to determine a pattern.

Police Commander Jeremy Clifton said "We have worked with a couple businesses and a couple banking institutions that have received bills that are clearly counterfeit. So, we're trying to see if there's a pattern there that would be criminal. The tough part is, how often have these bills been circulated and believed to be real and then one of the institutions finally catches up with it."

Clifton adds that if a local business or bank believes to have received counterfeit currency, they should call 911 immediately.

- KEYC 12