KEYC - Mankato Lending Helping Hand For Upcoming Super Bowl

Mankato Lending Helping Hand For Upcoming Super Bowl

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With the Super Bowl less than a month away, the city of Minneapolis is in need of help with the large number of people expected to arrive.

Last month, Governor Dayton asked the National Guard for assistance in security and surveillance for the numerous activities scheduled for Super Bowl LII.

Also helping out is Mankato Public Safety; they plan to voluntarily send approximately 8 officers up to the Twin Cities.

The assignments and events they'll be covering have yet to be determined.

Although law enforcement will be helping out up north, the lack of bodies in Mankato won't have any effect on police presence here in town.

Police Commander Jeremy Clifton said "Once we know more as far as who will be gone and what times and for what duration, we'll appropriately back staff for those emergencies that might come into the Mankato community. So, the felt repercussions of having people go do security features for the event shouldn't be seen at all from our end as far as the Mankato community."

The Mankato Regional Airport is also taking a role in assisting with the big game.

The airfield is holding 30 reserved spots for planes, two of which have already been filled.

The city predicts most of the traffic coming in will be pilots coming into and out Minneapolis during the first week of February.

Director of Public Works Jeffrey Johnson said "What our current assumption is, is that most likely the planes that will be coming to Mankato during the Super Bowl will be de–planing passengers up at MSP with pilots coming down to Mankato to refuel and/or have their pilots rest in our area and then go back up and pick up the passengers on their way out."

It's uncertain at this time if all 30 spots will be reserved, however the airport will house extra fuel and de–icing equipment.

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