Mankato's board game shop is continuing its program that gives discounts to students who achieve high marks in school from kindergarten all the way through college. 
The Dork Den's "Distinguished Grades Program" is now in its fourth year of providing discounts to students based on their GPAs.

The discount rate is 10 percent of the student's GPA so if a student has a 4.0, they would receive a 40-percent discount on a single purchase.

Teachers can also utilize the program as a way to encourage students.
 "We do a discount for teachers as well," said Greg Fenske, co-owner of the Dork Den. "We do 20-percent off for teachers and military people. So the teachers can tell their students and it gives them something to promote."
To qualify for the discount, students must complete all of their classes with only A's or B's on their report card at the end of the semester. The report card must be brought into the Dork Den within 30 days of the term's completion.