The mix of weather today had plow drivers on the roads as early as 3 a.m. this morning and there are no plans of pulling them anytime soon.
With additional snow originally forecasted, MNDOT made sure plows were on the road in anticipation of that accumulation. 
"We needed to be on the ball, ready to go for anything that might happen. Fortunately we've got a very isolated location but we had to make sure that we were ready for wherever it would be," Assistant District Engineer Jed Falgren said.
As the weather events shift throughout the day, MNDOT crews want to make sure they're utilizing their biggest resource, salt, in the most effective way.
"We put down where we need it, when we need it, when it might be affective and if it's not going to be affective we won't put it down on the roadway. So yeah our trucks are out driving around and addressing some of these small areas but we're certainly thankful that we aren't having to put resources over the entire system on a day like today," Falgren added.
As always, you can get up-to-date road conditions by dialing 5-1-1, visiting the 5-1-1 webpage or by downloading the app.

--KEYC News 12