Thursday marks "National Human Trafficking Awareness Day," a nationwide effort that runs the entire month of January to promote prevention of slavery in all its forms.

With the help of education campaigns, local authorities are getting more tips from the public regarding suspicious activity.

Hotels, schools and churches have asked law enforcement to give presentations, showcasing signs of potential victims as well as resources to share information.

The number of victims and traffickers are hard to count due to the mobile nature of this crime, but investigators are determined to continue getting the word out.

Nicollet County Investigator Marc Chadderdon said "The one difficulty with that is they're very mobile. So, people may only be in our communities for a few days and be gone. But, our job is to try and identify those traffickers and those that are exploiting especially at risk youth and educating the public."

Questions and signs that point to human trafficking include:

- Older man with younger girl, is she dresses appropriately?

- If you try to talk to the female, does the man interrupt and talk on her behalf?

- Does she have injuries on her, is she free to walk around?

- Does a story match, if on vacation where is her luggage?

- Is the car rented?

If looking to report suspicious activity or know someone searching for help, you can call or text the South Central Crisis Center at 1-877-399-3040.

- KEYC 12