The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension recently wrapped up the criminal investigation of the officer-involved shooting death of Chase Tuseth.

The shooting occurred back in December of 2016 at the Country Inn and Suites in Mankato.
"We're trained to go in if there's potential that somebody is in danger and in this case the report said there was a man acting strangely, throwing things at one of the employees. That person was potentially in danger so the officer goes in," Director of Mankato Public Safety Todd Miller said.

The Stearns County Attorney's Office reviewed the shooting, ruling that Officer Gary Schnorenberg's use of deadly force was justified.

"The state has a deadly force law and the provisions of that statute and that law were met, so that's why it was ruled a justified use of force," said Miller.

Now that the review of the criminal case has been completed, Mankato Public Safety must perform their own review.

"We have a shooting board with fire instructors, administrators and staff from our agency and they take a look at the case and they look to see if any city policies or departmental policies were violated. There was no indicated that there were any but that's being reviewed as we speak," he says.

Though Schnorenberg retired back in September after his one-year administrative leave, Miller says it is under city policy to review any shooting-involved cases to document any violations and look into making any policy adjustments for the future.

"Police get called to incidents all the time and unfortunately some of those turn out tragic," Miller said.

Authorities say Schnorenberg twice deployed his taser in an attempt to control Tuseth that night.

After a physical struggle ensued, Schnorenberg pulled his gun and shot Tuseth three times.

Police say multiple drugs were found in Tuseth's system.