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Swimming Lessons For Dogs

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Swimming is a skill most of us learn at a young age, but it's often a new experience for dogs of all ages.

Inside The Paw pet resort, dozens of dogs awaited their turn to take a dip in the water.

Many dog owners travel for miles to come to this facility, which was celebrating its one year anniversary of lessons.

All throughout the day, classes were held to both help dogs get in the water as well as enhance their dock–jumping skills.

It might be surprising, but swimming isn't a skill dogs are always born with.

The Paw General Manager Tanya Brossard said "Unless they've been in the water since they were a puppy, this is going to be a completely new experience. So, giving them the opportunity to learn that the water isn't the end of the world which is what we're doing here today. Really, you just build the skill from there."

Member Deborah Pina said "It's a learning experience and I think any dog owner should actually have that as a tool to teach their dog to swim because you never know when you're going to need it.'

The Paw will host another set of classes on February 10th.

For information on how to register you can contact them at 507-625-7070 or on their website.  

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