The 6th annual Craft Beer Expo took place inside the Verizon Center Saturday evening.

Easy on the ears and taste buds, hundreds of people filed into the Verizon Center Grand Hall where 45 vendors lined up to give patrons a sample of their creations.

A silent auction was one of many features added to the expo this year.

The other being a VIP deck access that only 150 people got to experience and included specialty rare beers as well as catering from Tav on the Ave.

With so many brands to choose from in the area, an occasion like this helps customers branch out and get a feel of something different.

Organizer Mark Opdahl said "It just keeps it relevant you know. There's a lot of great establishments in town, serving craft beer. An event like this kind of just keeps people excited to go out and try all the new beers."

Excited they were, for the hundreds of beer tasting enthusiasts could be seen walking around, enjoying the numerous liquid products.

To some, the opportunity to try a multitude of ales, lagers and more in one location became beneficiary to those in attendance.

Patron Michelle Buchholz said "Well, it's always nice to try new beers. It's a good ways to taste them without having to buy a full six–pack and you get to try smaller breweries. Be introduced to different things like a barley wine or a stout."

Breweries from 14 different states provided a total of 170 different kinds of beer.

Even though all of these brands can be purchased throughout the area, these companies enjoy the chance to show off new creations to a large audience.

Alaskan Brewing Company's Shawn Reupke said "It's been a great reception. Minnesota's a very good state for us. People definitely know us for our flagship Alaskan Amber. It allows us a chance to showcase some of our newer brands that we're pushing."

In total, 1,600 people took part in the 6th annual Mankato Craft Beer Expo.

- KEYC 12