The Fairmont Police Department is warning residents and area businesses of counterfeit $20 bills being passed in the area.
Authorities say they've received reports of seven confirmed fake $20 bills circulating within the city of Fairmont over the last ten days.

According to authorities the bills are in the series of 2013, and each were missing certain security features like the proper watermark and color shifting ink.

Fairmont Police Chief Michael Hunter says he advises those in the area to take an extra look at bills $20 or more to verify these security features.
"The $20 bills we found around town, you might actually need to hold up to a light. Look for the security features that are on there such as the holographic image or the security strip that's in it and make an appropriate decision from there whether it's valid or not. A lot of times businesses we suggest using the marker pen which will show exactly whether it's counterfeit or not," Hunter says

Hunter says any suspected counterfeit notes should be reported to local law enforcement.