A Super Bowl 52 ticket is something every fan dreams of acquiring and for one fan, that wish came true. 

Inside Hyundia of Mankato, 12-year-old Sully McGuire is throwing the pigskin around, a peculiar sight but one of unimaginable importance.

Since 1998, Hyundai and its dealers have put on “Hope On Wheels” to help fund pediatric cancer research.

For each car purchased, a portion of the sales go toward the foundation and new owners get a chance to write their name on a hand, showcasing they helped contribute to fighting this disease.

Hyundai has raised more than $130 million, however this year the company took it a step further.

General Manager Kevin Alderink said "Hyundai is obviously a big sponsor of the NFL and obviously having the Super Bowl here in Minnesota this year, it's a great honor. They decided to go big and send somebody to the Super Bowl."

You heard correctly, Sully received two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl, perhaps a symbol of optimism for the future.

At the age of seven, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare cancer that develops tumors in the bones.

For the last five years, Sully has unfortunately known all too well the toll it can take on the body.

McGuire said “I’ve had it in my lungs and my leg. Had it in my lungs five times, once in my leg. It’s not really fun to have.”

The cancer also forced a procedure known as rotationplasty, meaning doctors had to cut off part of his left leg and then rotate and reattach his ankle near his knee.  

Because of it, Sully has to wear a prosthetic the rest of his life.

Although his battle will continue, he is currently in remission and won’t have to see a doctor for another four months.  

His mother Melissa McGuire said "When Hyundai gave it, they wanted it to go to a survivor. So, Sully is a cancer survivor and he also has Li–Fraumeni syndrome, which is a genetic predisposition to future cancers. He has been through a lot, he'll still go through a lot."

It isn’t shocking that football is centered on this experience of a lifetime.

Even with a prosthetic, Sully perseveres not only off the field but on it, as he plays offensive line for the Blue Earth Area middle school Buccaneers.

After receiving the word that he’d be going to the big game on January 5th during a doctor’s visit in Rochester, his mind was in shock, yet he knew who he’d like to see bring home the Lombardi trophy.   

When asked how he felt once he heard the news, he replied, "Is this really real?" McGuire added that he hopes the Vikings win while he's there.

Along with the tickets, Sully will get to wear a go pro, portraying his experience as well him and his mom being picked up and dropped off at their house via limo.

Sully is one of two kids who will be getting to participate in the Super Bowl festivities as Hyundai’s ‘Hope On Wheels” Foundation awards two grants to the Mayo Clinic.

- KEYC 12