Former Minnesota Viking and New England Patriots' star, Randy Moss is heading to the hall of fame after being elected into football immortality.

The wide–out's 14–year career included a couple Super Bowl appearances, Pro Bowls, and one–handed grabs as he became one of the greatest ever.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark reports from Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis.

Just a decade ago, Randy Moss took the field in Super Bowl 42 capping off his best season as a pro  with 23 touchdowns and almost 1500 yards, 10 years later, 'The Freak' is heading to Canton in a career many fans will never forget.

“Straight cash homie.”

“Straight cash homie.”

"I was super stoked man, I grew up with a Vikings fan as my best friend, and he got me into Randy Moss, I followed him throughout his career here. That’s one of the three best days in my life when he got traded.”

"He’s probably the best receiver I’ve ever watched. 98’ season especially, that’s when I became a Vikings fan, really cool.”

“I remember watching him in 98’, he’s a gamechanger, one of the best wide receivers in the history.”

“It seemed like you could throw any ball at him, and he’d catch it. They called him a ‘Freak’ for a reason, he really was a freak on the field.”

“He changed games, and you saw teams draft to try to stop him.”

“Because I got to watch him, he’s number one. I never got to see Jerry Rice, so Moss is my guy.”

“I’ve always been a fan of Randy Moss no matter where he went, it’s too bad he didn’t win the Super Bowl in 07, but oh well.”

Moss and the rest of 2018’s Hall of Fame class will be inducted later this year in August.

--KEYC News 12