KEYC - Grand Turnout Expected for 2018 Precinct Caucuses

Grand Turnout Expected for 2018 Precinct Caucuses

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The Republican and Democratic Party County Chairs want the community to be informed for the 2018 Precinct Caucuses on Tuesday. 

The interest in politics has grown significantly since the last caucus in 2016. Political officials have prepared for the eventful day and they want people to be as involved as possible. 

Blue Earth Republican County Chair Willa Dailey said she found it surprising, that Minnesota residents do not understand the unique position, of being in a caucus state. 

"We're one of 13 states and two territories that still do it this way, and it is a tremendous advantage in getting grassroots participation," said Dailey. 

Blue Earth County Chair for the Democratic- Farmer- Laborer Party Mark Halverson said people should know their precinct ahead of time. 

"Last time there were so many people using the online precinct checker site that had crashed," said Halverson. "So we had to go back to using books and it took an inordinate amount of time."

The Republican Party will have two locations on Tuesday and the Democratic Party will have six.

Both chairs encouraged everyone to show up for the opportunity to gather and discuss ideas. The discussions could possibly make it onto each party's platform.

"This is where every individual, ahead of each party's endorsement, can come in and state their preference by ballot," said Dailey. 

Halverson said they are looking forward to the caucuses. 

"We're hoping and expecting a very large turnout, maybe not a record one, but we're prepared for it, if it is," said Halverson. 

All are welcome to attend but there are requirements for those looking to vote. Individuals must be 18 or older on Election Day, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Minnesota for at least 20 days. Also, those with felony sentences must complete all parts of the sentence.