The Minnesota Coalition of Battered Women's tally of domestic violence deaths shows a slight increase in 2017. Now, local groups are working together to find solutions to issues in the report.

According to the annual Femicide Report, at least 24 Minnesotans died from domestic violence last year.

This number is slightly up from 2016 with 21 deaths, and down from 2015 with 34 deaths.

Committee Against Domestic Abuse, or CADA, executive director Jason Mack, said the numbers have stayed about average over the years.

"There aren't really any major changes and we haven't seen many major changes over the last several years," Mack said.

Almost 75 percent of deaths in the report occurred in the Twin Cities Metro Area, and none occurred in our region.

"Just because there weren't this year, doesn't mean domestic violence still isn't an issue. We know that CADA, for example, served 2,500 people in 2017, so it's still a problem here," he said.

CADA is working with law enforcement agencies, like the Blue Earth County Attorney, to address some of the issues brought up in this report.

"We're currently working on some of the lethality issues and lethality assessments," County Attorney Pat McDermott said.

The lethality assessment is a series of questions to screen victims at high risk for homicide.

"We're stepping up and asking more of those poignant questions to determine if this is something that needs to be dealt with right away or need to go through the typical case process," he said.

Both McDermott and Mack encourage anyone if they see something that may be domestic violence, say something.

"If you see signs, or you see any indicators that people may be struggling with these issues, get them to the services that they need to try to give them safety," Mack said.


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