New Ulm senior residents gathered on Tuesday for "Hang Up on Fraud," an intuitive seminar on fraud prevention. 

The meeting taught seniors how to better protect themselves against fraudulent activity via mail, online and over the phone.

The New Ulm Police Department, New Ulm Telecom and Minnesota Department of Commerce collaborated on the event.

New Ulm Patrol Officer Eric Gramentz said fraudulent attacks on senior citizens is an ongoing issue throughout the state. 

"Last year alone we probably investigated over a hundred cases where someone was 'frauded' out of some type of money," said Gramentz. "Or received a communication asking them to send some type of money."
Gramentz and NU-Telecom's Karli Flannigan spoke at the event. Flannigan said people need to know, that it is okay to disconnect suspicious phone calls.
"If your gut says this is wrong, or why is their English so poor, why is the punctuation so strange, keep an eye out for that type of thing," said Flannigan.

"Just being aware of what's out there is your best tool."
Gramentz said the event's turnout shows the importance of addressing the issue. He said he would like to see more seminars.

"We hope that we can start making this a regular basis for the department to partner with other organizations within our community," said Gramentz. "To deliver messages that we feel are important to our citizens."
He added that there is one rule of thumb to follow.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it often is," said Gramentz.

Seniors are urged to contact the police or their families, if they have become victims of fraud.